Why Daily Detox Is Essential

When most people think of detox they tend to think of a period of strange diets, lots of water, and even extended periods of fasting, but the truth is that your body is constantly busy with the task of detoxification. While strenuous detox programs may be beneficial for individuals who have built up an extreme amount of toxins to start the cleansing process, the fact is that a constant and consistent effort at removing toxins from the body is essential for supporting long-term health. The detox process is similar to eating. Imagine you only eat when the body has reached starving point. This would not be a very healthy way to live. Similarly, if you wait until the body is toxic before undertaking a detox program, you can’t expect your health to benefit in the long term. A daily program that provides the nutrients that clean the body and support detoxification is a far healthier approach to detox. Here are some of the nutrients you can include in your daily diet that encourage the removal of toxins on a daily basis: 1. Curcumin 2. Green Tea 3. Dandelion 4. Milk Thistle 5. Vitamin C Curcumin Curcumin is the active ingredient in a spice called turmeric. Curcumin is possibly one of the most important medicinal spices, and there are comprehensive and rigorous trials that are exploring the use of this spice for various conditions including arthritis and cancer. Curcumin is a powerful dietary antioxidant, and it provides protection against free radical damage. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce or regulate the inflammatory system of the body. Studies show that curcumin promotes the phase II detoxification enzymes present in the liver. Daily consumption of curcumin supports your body’s natural detoxification process. Green Tea Green tea has been a part of the traditional Chinese diet for centuries, and the beverage is gaining in popularity in the West due its health benefits. Green tea is produced from the Camellia sinensis plant and research has isolated a number of different ingredients in green tea that may account for its benefits. Green Tea is high in ingredients called Catechins. Studies show that the consumption of green tea increases the number of phase II detoxification enzymes available in the liver, and it therefore supports and encourages detoxification. Dandelion The dandelion plant is one of the most widely used herbs with the plant being used in North American, Asian, and European traditional medicine. Far from being the annoying herb which is seen today by many gardeners, dandelion offers three different benefits which all support daily detoxification. The diuretic properties of dandelion encourage the kidneys to flush out toxins and waste products, thereby supporting detoxification of the kidneys. Dandelion also functions as a mild laxative that supports colon cleansing. Dandelion supports liver health by supporting detoxification and by balancing the electrolytes in the liver. Dandelion tea can be enjoyed on a daily basis to support the body in the elimination of toxins. Milk Thistle Milk Thistle is another traditional herb that has been used for centuries to protect the liver and to support liver health. Studies show that milk thistle encourages the regeneration of the liver and protects the liver from damage. The liver is the primary organ when it comes to detoxification, and protecting the liver from the dangerous effects of toxins helps to improve liver function, which improves detoxification. Vitamin C There are a number of different vitamins and minerals that are vital for supporting liver function and encouraging healthy detox. These vitamins and minerals include vitamins A, C, D, E, K, copper, and iron. Of these vitamins, vitamin C is arguably one of the most important vitamins for detoxification purposes. Vitamin C is one of the most abundant and powerful water soluble antioxidants in your body. Vitamin C is found abundantly in the skin and other organs where its primary function is to neutralize free radicals to protect those organs from oxidative damage. When antioxidants are low, detoxification is decreased. It is therefore vital to ensure your diet contains healthy amounts of the antioxidants that support detoxification. When your body is low on vitamin C, liver function is compromised and toxins can accumulate, which may affect your health. Daily Detox with Basic Detox Nutrients The nutrients and herbal extracts included in this article are mild enough to add to your daily diet. Although it may be possible to include them in their natural forms, the Basic Detox Nutrients Supplements by Thorne Research are designed to make daily detox simple and effective, with a range of nutrients designed to support health and encourage detox.

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